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Amazing Wilderness Camp Cot as a Bed Hammock and Chair

Amazing Wilderness Camp Cot

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The emergency shelter that converts to a rain poncho!

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Tips and tricks


Enjoy Your Amazing Wilderness Products

Here are some tips for using your chair or bed.  Spread your support legs wide enough for your shoulders to fit between the supports when seated in chair mode. It makes a big difference in the comfort provided by your chair. If you feel like you are always sliding down toward the bottom edge of the chair, move the rear support leg back until you are comfortable.  Make sure your wood frame is free from branches that may damage your chair, your bed or you. Never leave your bed or chair outside exposed to the sun for long periods of time. UV rays will damage the nylon fabric over time.  Use mild soap and water to hand wash the fabric and hang to dry.  Avoid using cleaning product containing bleach.


How To Fold Your Product

Your Amazing Wilderness Camp Bed, Camp Chair or TPC comes with an integrated stuff sack or pocket.  You will always have it when it is time to pack up.  Our most frequently asked question is: how to fold the bed or chair so it fits into the stuff sack? 

All products are designed to be quickly stuffed back into the pocket.  The trick is to turn the pocket inside out first before stuffing the fabric into the pocket.  Open the pocket of the bed or chair, reach inside, grab the loop of webbing and pull the pocket inside out.  Now begin stuffing the fabric into the newly formed pocket until full.  Flip over the pocket flap to hold everything inside.

Should you prefer to fold the bed or chair, we have created a video to show you how.  Click here to watch our video.

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Wilderness Camping Checklist

You are miles from the trailhead on day two and you realise you did not bring _____!  A checklist might have helped avoid this unfortunate situation.  If you don’t have one of your own, try our checklist when packing for your next backpacking adventure.  Click on the link below and then right click on the picture to save this file to your computer.  Let us know if you think we missed anything.

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